“We are like Islands in the sea, separate on the surface, but connected in the deep.”

— William James

What is “Connected in the Deep”?

SuNekoschoolingfishMany of us reach a point in our lives when we question whether our separateness from others is sustainable, and we seek out ways to bridge the divide between self-centeredness and compassion… competitiveness and cooperation.

Still others unexpectedly are touched by a transformative moment: a mystical or transcendent sensation that defies explanation… an eerie dream or experience of premonition… an unusual synchronistic event… an intuitive sense or heightened awareness that leads us somewhere new.

One theory is that our most transformational events are not magical moments, but an inevitable indication of a “field” of consciousness — like the forces of gravity and electromagnetism — that connects all of us, down deep.

Some believe “awareness” will eventually be firmly recognized as a third element, alongside matter and energy, that shapes our universe.

At Connected in the Deep, we explore the science that is attempting to explain the element of Awareness.

  • We’ll look at theories, such as morphic resonance, the akashic field, the holographic universe. Do humans, like animals and quantum particles, have a kind of intuitive “first sense” that got dimmed when other senses evolved? (Has our reliance on sight made us skeptical of things we cannot see?)
  • We’ll look at new discoveries: What is the science behind what makes meditation so effective? How are today’s neuroscientists explaining consciousness?
  • We’ll explore the mystifying nature of quantum physics. Entanglement, for example, is still seen as mysterious “spooky action at a distance,” decades after Einstein recognized and termed it so. The 2014 Science and Non-Duality (SAND) conference was devoted to exploring what entanglement might mean — and we were there. (Read about it here.)
  • We’ll interact around certain topics… share the work of creative minds open to unusual portals… explore what Eastern philosophy has in common with new approaches in Western science. All with no-nonsense, jargon-free language.

In other words, this website is largely for curious people who suspect or know there is more to life than we tend to talk about, and who are interested in taking a few deep breaths to learn more.

Welcome to this safe space for dabbling in the intriguing mysteries of science and living. Read the Expansion blog for some of the voice of this effort worldwide. Visit the Guides section to see topics of conversation. Add your own voice in Discuss — we can’t communicate about these topics in a wider way until more of us are confident to do so! And to go more in-depth, check out resources in the Read section.

Note that though I am taking a hiatus from writing much original material on this website — because of other content development projects — you should express your interest here in the meantime by visiting blogs and pages, subscribing for future updates, and keeping up to news feeds about consciousness on our Facebook page. I can build more with momentum here!

— Mikki Morrissette, founder, Connected in the Deep