Guidepost #2: Is Awareness fundamental to the universe?

In Guide #2 we ask many questions. This is your space to respond to any questions you have about consciousness… theorize about the potentiality of near-death experience… or comment on your own perspective about the fundamental nature of awareness (agree? disagree? all viewpoints are welcome).

Some questions you might respond to include:

  • Are our brains capable of absorbing information when we are unconscious, or between life and permanent death?
  • If the brain maps experiences of self using neural networks to record, retain and recall, where are those memories encoded – in the fat, water and protein of our bodies?
  • Why do we persist in thinking the physical world has nothing to do with the mental world, as if the choices the observer “self” makes has no impact?
  • What if our physical world and sense of self isn’t simply from the interaction of subatomic particles but from a primordial awareness or energy field from which everything originated?
  • What gives us so much confidence in science above everything else?
  • Do you consider the brain to be a receiver or a generator?

Welcome to the discussion!

— Mikki Morrissette, founder, Connected in the Deep

Note: the Guidepost conversation that starts below is not password-protected, which means your responses are more public. If that matters to you, please use a pseudonym.

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