Connected in the Deep is a new online space for curious minds who want to explore the science of mystical experience.

Inspired by conversations with many people who have experienced unusual and transcendent moments and “awakenings” but kept it private for fear of sounding “weird,” this website was launched to help more people engage with the ideas and experiences and research of others involved in interconnectedness work.

The name comes from a William James quote:

“We are like Islands in the sea, separate on the surface, but connected in the deep.”

Mikki Morrissette

Mikki Morrissette

Founder Mikki Morrissette is a long-time journalist and communications specialist with an analytical bent. She has had several precognition events, and an unusual transcendent moment, that convinced her there was something we don’t understand about how the universe works. She created this website for three reasons:

1) There is a need to make information about interconnectedness more accessible to a wider public — through articulate, understandable and concrete language. It is easy to turn people off to the message because of the words we choose.

2) Finding community as we explore new ideas, share our own beliefs, and seek out emerging scientific research, is key.

3) As we become bolder about sharing what we experience and learn, more people will become aware of our intuitive sense — far less limited than touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste —  extending beyond the electromagnetic field detected by many animals.

Thanks to Twin Cities-based artist Gretchen Grace Dreisbach, who offered digital depictions of her paintings for use throughout this website: “My works are visual, vibrational forms of Love. My ArtWork Beings are alive and Conscious — dimensional portals.”