An Exploration of Past-Life Regression

Past-life regression is not something I have formed any strong opinions about. Primarily because I didn’t know how it would “work.” But the more I dig into material about a consciousness of the universe, the more things like past-life regression might make some sense.

Backing up for a moment…

Years back, on a lark, I went to a Saturday event that purported to teach people about past-life regression. I was in the process of writing a novel about my long-dead ancestors, and thought it might be entertaining to go to this inexpensive introduction and see if anything happened.

Interestingly, the expert at the front of the room had a moment when he seemed to seize upon something floating around in my brain. He accurately described a scene I had written the previous day in which a large group of my distant ancestors had met in a dance hall for an evening of frivolity. As I recall, what he said was, “I see you surrounded by all of your grandparents, singing and dancing and having a party.”

Now, this was not past-life regression. But it was intriguing.

I used some of the elements I picked up that day to try to create my own “portal” to the past. In particular, I was trying to channel some energy from an elusive great-great-grandfather, Bernard Fay, who participated in the California gold rush shortly after arriving to the U.S. from Ireland.

And in fact, letting my mind become blank and seeing an image emerge, I did feel I had a much stronger sense of him, being present, in a moment, back then. Again… that wasn’t past-life regression…. but it was a welcome bit of inspiration in a novel that was otherwise feeling flat, with characters that had not yet come alive for me. Bernard, in a gold rush moment, became the most three-dimensional character. That scene with him remains one of my favorites in the novel. (The book still isn’t done, however. Someday I’ll get it right…)

John-Edward-1In that same time period I was introduced to the show “Crossing Over With John Edward,” while visiting my parents on maternity leave. I spent a lot of time resting with my newborn in the spare bedroom with cable TV and discovered his show.

Again, I was skeptical… at first. But in this case, over time, John Edward won me over. I saw enough interesting insights that I no longer doubted that there was an energy force of communication around certain loved ones who had passed. I simply didn’t understand how it worked. (Coincidentally, I recently flew on the same airplane as John Edward and desperately wanted him to spontaneously seek me out because he had read a message from my parents’ beloved cat who had just died, but, alas, no contact was made. I simply rested with some assurance that the flight itself was probably a safe one since a spirit guide hadn’t warned him to hastily get off. 🙂

Flash forward to the present

eric-christopherWhen Eric Christopher spoke to our local Minnesota IONS community consciousness group in November 2014 about past-life regression, I had an open mind. Not too open — I know others among the audience of about 30 embraced the idea far greater than I did.

The group regression he led for us at the end of his 45-minute talk did create in my own mind an image of a Western male character that I had no personal investment in (not one of my favorite eras) — though it did give me an interesting glimpse into the life someone undoubtedly might have lived.

Since Eric talked about using past-life hypnotherapy to unlock “stuck” parts of a past life that we were connected to, I wondered what happens to those of us who feel they’ve largely resolved “present life” issues, through therapy and other letting go techniques. Is everyone part of a past-life cycle? What if we’ve largely made peace with who we are and how our lives have transpired? What if others who have gone before us haven’t left residue that needs to be cleaned?

But a skeptical friend of mine who was curious enough to attend Eric’s talk had an interesting take on the evening.

“Tonight was interesting. Sort of forced me to solidify a couple of beliefs I’ve intentionally left fuzzy for a while. Do I believe in the soul? Yes. Do I believe that the soul survives intact after death? No. Do I believe in past life memories or experiences then? Yes, probably. So how do I reconcile that? I guess I see past life moments as a glimpse into whatever life a single particle of our current energy came from.

The soul dissipates into myriad particles that join together randomly later with other randomly dissipated particles to form someone or something else; theoretically, we could conceivably catch glimpses from each of those myriad scattered lives.”

Myself, I have heard the stories of very young children who have puzzled the adults in their lives because of an inexplicable fountain of wisdom about languages and long-dead people and other cultures that they were not taught.

So, I believe that in some cases, it is quite possible that past lives are created a bit more intact — and live on in our ongoing collection of present-life energy. (I also realize I am not even clear anymore whether there is “past” and “present” and “future,” based on some of the reading I’m doing, but that’s another story.)

But my friend’s synopsis makes very solid sense to me. Believing, as I do, that everything about our universe is made up of energy and field communication/awareness that does not disappear, but comes from the same source and is interconnected eternally, I can understand now why there might be bits of energy floating in each of us that has a lingering message from the past that needs resolution.

To that end, past-life regression now makes sense to me as yet another possibility in the myriad interesting ways I believe our universe connects.

Take a look at the 15-minute excerpt below from Eric’s talk. Then use the Comments field if you would like to contribute your own thoughts. What do you believe, or not believe, about the possibility that there are “past” lives among us?

— Mikki

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