Guidepost Conversation #1: Explaining Mystical Experience

The first e-guide in this series laid out groundwork based on concepts offered by Edgar Mitchell’s research and writing for The Way of the Explorer.

  • It lightly touched on how quantum physics shook scientific foundations by reminding us that we don’t know what we think we know… and what we now think we know doesn’t make sense to us.
  • It also pointed out how our brains mislead us into thinking we see the Big Picture, or hear a message that means the same thing to everyone, or — again — know something that is substantial, concrete and Real. And none of that is ultimately true.
  • And it told the mind/body story of Mitchell’s mother, whose eyesight was healed — and then unhealed after she realized the healer was not a Christian.

What do you think?

  • Do you agree with Edgar Mitchell that the universe is interconnected? Or that we are part of an evolving (and conscious?) universe?
  • Do you have a story to share about mind/body healing energy, or a mystical experience, that shook the foundation of what made sense to you?
  • Do you believe if scientists get to a better understanding of entanglement it will have an impact on how we live our lives?

The goal here is not to argue… or attempt to persuade… but to share personal stories, scientific research and other information that might help propel this particular conversation forward: What do you make of Edgar Mitchell’s mystical experience?

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  1. Dan W
    October 11, 2014 at 11:47 am

    Edgar Mitchell’s “The Way of the Explorer” when it came out in 1996 was a timely and significant book for me. I was a 1969 high school graduate, with a church background similar to Edgar’s, but when I went to college I found myself thoroughly adopting the materialistic thought coming from the university and mainstream science. Twenty-three years later, when I encountered an inner experience that I didn’t feel that I could discuss, and simply couldn’t be explained in materialistic terms, I went to the library and bookstores looking for answers. There was a lot of “New Age” material coming out at that time which I didn’t find helpful, but when I discovered Mitchell’s book I was amazed. For me he was a real hero – he risked his life becoming one of the first men on the moon, and then risked his reputation by writing a book that was contrary to all of the philosophical assumptions he had learned in academia. He spoke my language- knew all the arguments of the skeptics- and come out with a story of mystical inner experience. He then went on to form the Institute of Noetic Sciences, which I now find as a needed and respected voice in these days of world view change. Need I say more?

  2. Patrick King
    October 6, 2014 at 1:12 pm

    The magnificent philosopher/mystic Ken Wilber has written that “history is the unfolding of human Consciousness — not toward final judgement, but ultimate Wholeness.” The Upanishads, the exquisite mystical Hindu statements of Non-Duality, teach us, from direct experience of the authors, that Consciousness is ultimately ALL THAT EXISTS. Furthermore, at a depth beyond the possibility of linear understanding, Brahman (Source) and Atman (Soul, Essence, Higher Self) are one and the same. Tat Svam Asi (Thou Art That).

    On the other hand, the unfolding of Human Consciousness (especially in the West) during the Post-Modern era (triggered by Cartesian, Newtonian, and Darwinian thought), has resulted in a Species Mindset that human experience is a private, subjective, isolated project in an inconceivably cold, large, piecemeal Universe.

    This mindset of separation from each other and from Source, may even have its roots further back to when the Copernican Revolution destroyed the medieval cosmology of Earth being the center of the Universe. Our species, writ large, has never come to terms with heliocentricity — scientifically, psychologically, or spiritually.

    Contemporary Cosmology, the New Physics, and an evolving Species Consciousness — personified by Edgar Mitchell’s experience in “Space” — is teaching those of us willing to listen, learn, and observe that, contrary to Post-Modern despair, we can revel in the awe and excitement of being an intricate, interconnected, intrinsic part of a Universe “becoming Conscious of Itself” through US, in this tiny sliver of time, 14 billion years after Pure Being/Pure Consciousness exploded and became Manifest in you and me.

  3. Incognito
    October 3, 2014 at 6:44 pm

    I certainly agree with Mitchell that our concept of Godliness has been far too small, but I’m curious as to how he came to see that “scientists need to embrace the idea that there is an “awareness” connecting everything.” How does science explain “conscious awareness” beyond the randomness suggested by Darwin..? It IS something I believe in — because I have experienced “Beyond the possibility-of-randomness synchronicities” – and I’m very curious to see more information about the Guide’s assertion that: “Experiments demonstrate that once-connected particles Communicate with each other over large distances.”

    One of the things that strikes me as most interesting in this guide is on page seven — and the postulate that our “intuition” is perhaps our most fundamental and perhaps strongest sense… It may not be as clear and specific as eyesight or hearing… but the larger the question, perhaps the more effective it is… the more the question has to do with “the future, the unseen” the more reliable it is, relative to say, sight — which can’t see what isn’t “there” yet.

    Also interesting to me in this guide — the idea of “intention” as something powerful in itself. We’ve all heard of “Affirmations.” In my opinion, affirmations are not always “true,” so they fail. But fundamental intention strikes me as wholly different.

  4. October 2, 2014 at 7:49 pm

    I believe that ecstasy and bliss are our natural states. We have access to All That Is because we are connected to All That Is… we just aren’t always yet receptive to reading the energy.

    Edgar Mitchell had bliss because he was in harmonic resonance with bliss — there are BILLIONS of Higher Dimensional Beings, Planets, Star Systems, Galaxies, and Universes (and they all have Consciousness). Each time we raise our vibration we can access another higher vibrational dimension… which doesn’t make us better, just seeing more of our unconditional, unseparated “oneness.”

    • I believe we are multi-dimensional Beings.
    • I believe as the Essenes taught: Consciousness is the intelligence. LOVE is the energy. Harmony is the process.
    • I believe that linear time is an illusion. If you drew three circles and called one “past,” one “present,” and one “future” they still exist only in the NOW.
    • I believe that we are becoming whole-brained (again) and this is playing a major factor in many “awakenings.”
    • I believe that our minds are electric… our Hearts are magnetic… consciousness is electro-magnetic (as is the field of the Earth).


    (Editor’s note: comment edited for clarification)

    • Patrick King
      October 6, 2014 at 1:29 pm

      Hi Gretchen,

      Lovely comments and wonderful bullet points! I especially resonated with this part of your commentary:

      “Each time we raise our vibration we can access another higher vibrational dimension… which doesn’t make us better, just seeing more of our unconditional, unseparated “oneness.”

      As I wrote in my posting: Tat Svam Asi.

      A wonderful nun-scientist-author-teacher-mystic, Ila Delio, from Georgetown University, writes:
      “We are Evolution Become Conscious of Itself. No Outer Evolution Without Inner Evolution.”
      —Patrick King

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