Guide Posts

Okay, you’ve read a Guide looking at a particular segment of consciousness (aka awareness)… you have viewpoints… you’d like to see what others think about the subject.

This Guidepost section is where you can join discussion around certain topics. There are questions offered for each Guide as a conversation starter.

Each Guide as it launches will have its own Guidepost section.


  • Guidepost #1: Have you had a mystical experience like that of astronaut Edgar Mitchell? Do you believe all things in the universe are interconnected, perhaps from the original idea of the Big Bang?
  • Guidepost #2: Do you think Awareness should be considered as fundamental to the universe as matter and energy? There are varying views from neuroscientists on near-death experience — what are your thoughts? Does consciousness exist outside the brain?
  • Guidepost #3: Do you believe in biologist Rupert Sheldrake’s theory on morphic resonance — that there is information passed through a field (aka a seventh sense) that guides living species in a kind of collective unconscious?