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This is our entry point for in-depth interaction with selected experts, books and concepts about consciousness. Stay tuned (subscribe at right!) for new subjects. To participate:

The first e-guide in the Connected in the Deep series

The first e-guide in the Connected in the Deep series

Step 1. Download an e-guide. These PDFs are generally 10 pages of tight information on a topic, with reader-friendly design to make it easy to digest, and provide entry to conversations on this website. Click titles below to learn more about each.

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Guide #1: Edgar Mitchell on Ecstasy and Mystical Experience

Guide #2: Neuroscientists on Near-Death and Consciousness

Guide #3: Rupert Sheldrake and Morphic Resonance

Guide #4: Peter Russell and Getting Perspective

Coming With Your Support

  • The Mystics: From Eastern Philosophy to Peter Russell
  • Parapsychology: Targ, Radin, Mossbridge
  • Our Biology on Consciousness: Lipton, Church
  • Visions of the Field: Laszlo, Talbot, McTaggart
  • Your Mind on Meditation: Hagelin, Davidson
  • The Paradigm Shift: Descartes, Kuhn, IONS, Bohm
  • Digging into the Brain: Hameroff/Penrose, Tanzi
  • Golden Nuggets from “I Am” and “What the Bleep”
  • Mapping the Value of Psychedelic Drugs
  • Biofields and Re-Adjusting the Quantum Underground
  • Healing Energy, Intentional Awareness and Chakras

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