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Edgar MitchellOn Transcendence and Interconnection

It seems appropriate to launch Connected in the Deep with the theories of Edgar Mitchell — the sixth man to walk on the moon and founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS). Mitchell — trained as a rational and precise engineer and scientist — was “filled with an inner conviction as certain as any mathematical equation he’d ever solved” during his return trip to Earth. As he looked out the window of his ship, he felt a “knowing” sense that we were part of a “universe of consciousness.”

Edgar Mitchell and Alan Shepard

Edgar Mitchell and fellow NASA explorer Alan Shepard

Despite science’s technological achievements, Mitchell believed that we had barely begun to probe the deepest mysteries of the universe. He was convinced, in the 1970s, that the uncharted territory of the human mind was the next frontier to explore. Within two years of his 33 hours on the moon, he left NASA and founded IONS, which is now in its fourth decade.

About This E-guide

E-guide #1 introduces Mitchell’s premise that there is uncharted territory between science and mystical experience that we have not yet begun to explore. [Note: your payment of $3 for the e-guide will enable us to continue our efforts to further this conversation to a global audience.]

The guide focuses on the research and conclusions Dr. Mitchell published in his book The Way of the Explorer.

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Excerpt: As this e-guide series will explore: What does that mean — to be made of star stuff? Does it mean we are all interconnected, and the greater we comprehend our entanglement the greater will be our capacity to evolve in a meaningful way? Does it mean we have the capacity for developing greater intuition? Or is that much too hippy dippy: are we simply individuals who live out our roles in finite bodies with finite purpose, regardless of whether we want to believe otherwise? As Sagan and Mitchell — among others — speculate in various ways: What if we are beings through which the Universe itself evolves?

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About Edgar Mitchell’s Book

Publisher’s Weekly: “Mitchell isn’t afraid to go out on a limb; his contention that the universe ‘intended’ to evolve to higher levels, for example, goes against mainstream Western science. He grounds his ideas in data and reason, however, making this a strong offering for those who enjoy the books of Larry Dossey, Ken Wilber and others pushing the envelope of the science/spirit paradigm.”

Kirkus Reviews: “He offers us a tour of Western thought from Aristotle to Newton, arguing that intuition and science were divorced until the advent of Einstein and quantum physics. We hear a lot about synchronicity, left and right brain, and the concept that psychic events are quantum exchanges in the brain that link us with the larger world.”

(click book image or title above to find the book at Powell’s Books; they currently have the wrong explanation for the book — they mistakenly uploaded the blurb of his “Earthrise” book — but the ISBN is correct for ordering this title)

My special thanks to those who reviewed this first e-guide in its various stages. Edgar Mitchell was the first to see what I am aiming for with this series, and gave it a thumb’s up. Patrick King and Larry LaVercombe offered views on how well the messages were being conveyed overall. Phil Duran was a great line editor. Alan Pierce, research assistant at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, reviewed it from an IONS point of view. Troy Tradup provided the skeptic’s view of its hippy-dippiness. And Jon Kindem, student of applied physics at Caltech, was invaluable in correcting my many early mis-starts on summarizing quantum physics. Dan Sutton offered great (tough) input before launch of this website. Any errors are my own; please use Contact form to point them out.
— Mikki Morrissette, Connected in the Deep editor