Peter Russell

Over the years I have gradually realized that enlightenment is seeing the same world, but in a different light. It is not seeing different things so much as seeing things differently.
— Peter Russell

Seeing a Paradigm Shift

There is a healthy dose of skepticism about whether children can legitimately have past-life experiences… whether adults can experience out-of-body or near-death consciousness… whether dreams and psychics can foretell… whether John Edward and others can communicate with those who have crossed over… whether the remote viewing experiments done by the CIA in the 1970s revealed anything true… whether healing energy agents aren’t simply plying voodoo magic illusions… whether prayer works…

What would happen if we shifted our perspective on that?

PeterRussellIn Guide #4, Peter Russell is spotlighted as one who has shifted from his scientific atheistic background into a perspective that perhaps “anomalies” of unusual experiences are real glimpses into a deeper level of consciousness.

Similar to Rupert Sheldrake (Guide #3), Russell believes that there is nothing magical about consciousness — other than the fact that we don’t generally believe in what cannot be measured.

As Guide #4 explores, someday as a society we might eventually have an “aha” moment when science is more able to acknowledge that there is something to spiritual experience — Awareness — after all.

We might have started to figure out matter and energy, this thinking goes, but until we explore the “spooky” impact of consciousness on, not only quantum particles, but human beings, we’re still shy of understanding life.

About This Guide

Guide #4, “Peter Russell: Seeing the Paradigm Shift,” is about questioning our perspective. What if we realize dualism is Wrong? What if we re-examine our (not accurate) simplification of Rene Descartes’ dualism and recognize a third element in the universe?

EXCERPT: “The nature of consciousness requires a wider, or deeper, or more innovative lens than what our microscopes and telescopes can show. Partly because of that, many thinkers are sensing that we are on the verge of a paradigm shift that will perhaps enable us to finally take a more “Eastern” approach to our scientific discoveries about how thought works…These pioneers are encouraging us to be less afraid of attempting to find answers. We should no longer be metaphorically burned at the stake for probing unusual observations that many of us sense but do not yet know… [After all] the deeper we go, the more we discover physical reality is nothing like we imagined it to be.”

RussellbookAfter earning an honors degree in physics and experimental psychology at Cambridge, then a postgraduate in computer science, and study into the neurophysiology of meditation, Russell brought personal development programs to businesses that included IBM, Apple, American Express, Nike, and Shell. This guide is based largely on Russell’s ideas articulated in one of his earlier books (2003), From Science to God: The Mystery of Consciousness and the Meaning of Light.

He wrote: “I now believe that rather than trying to explain consciousness in terms of the material world, we should be developing a new worldview in which consciousness is a fundamental component of reality.” The pieces are already in place, he said, but have to be put together differently than we have been attempting so far.

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