In addition to our Guidepost conversations and Facebook page, there are many ways to connect with others who are exploring the space between science and mystical experience.

This page lists a snapshot of recommended Conferences & Retreats… local Meet-ups… and Consciousness Community Groups of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, from a particular point in time when I was able to take the space to build these connection points.

In the future, with support, I’d like to be able to create an ongoing list using the Contact form, so you can offer information about a group you are involved with that you think should be included.

Conferences & Retreats

Sand Retreat: The Sutras of Science, February 2-6, 2015

Toward a Science of Consciousness, University of Helsinki, Finland, June 9-13, 2015

IONS 16th International Conference, The Science of Being, The Spirit of Community — Oakbrook Hills Resort, Chicago, July 22-26, 2015


Portland, Oregon: Healing Energies

Los Angeles: Brain & Consciousness

D.C. area: Universal Metaphysics/Conscious Evolution

Seattle: Science of the Mind

Los Altos: Institute for the Advancement of Science and Consciousness

Consciousness Community Groups

Institute of Noetic Sciences

facilitates community group interaction around the world… some examples of recent activities are listed here, per the IONS Community Group newsletter, along with contact information for future group events:


Marin (CA) IONS hosted Dan Drasin to show the rough cut of “Calling Earth,” his documentary film on communication with the deceased via modern electronic technology, and introduced “Big History!” — an academic program designed to help humanity set a course for a sustainable future. Leader:

Santa Rosa (CA) IONS hosted Diana Borges presenting “Introduction to Your Energy,” teaching ways to help people feel internal energy, recognize energy blocks, and take steps to increase personal energy… and hosted Dr. Steve Pollaine who presented “Limitations of Science and Its Connection with Consciousness.” Leader:

Inland Empire IONS (Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead, & Riverside, CA) Leader:

Big Sur IONS will hold its first meeting Sunday, February 1, 2015. Leader:

Petaluma IONS hosted kinistheologist Adam Lehman who presented “The Living Matrix: How to Access the Interconnectedness of All Things.” Leader:

Pacific Northwest

Bellingham (WA) IONS showed the new documentary SONG OF THE NEW EARTH about the life and work of Tom Kenyon. Leader:


Twin Cities IONS (MN) hosted an Introduction to the work of Rupert Sheldrake, presented by three of the group’s members… and a past-life regression expert who did a group hypnotherapy session.

Chicago Suburban IONS has moved to a new format. In order to reach a larger audience, they are videotaping their guest speakers and broadcasting their interviews or presentations on public access TV in and around Chicago. The Chicago Area Network TV has suggested that they produce a mini-series to be broadcast over eight consecutive weeks in northern Illinois.  Leader:

Lacrosse IONS (Wisconsin) Leader:

Quad Cities(Iowa) hosted Sherry Wilde who presented “Reflections on Being a First Wave Volunteer.” Leader:

Southwest & Texas

Tucson IONS hosted discussions on “Learn to Go with the Current of the Life Power…Instead of Against It.” Leader:

Arlington (Texas) Noetic Science Group hosted Dr.Timothy L. Hubbard, former professor at Texas Christian University who presented “Some Puzzles of Everyday Conscious Experience.” Leader:


Knoxville (TN) IONS hosted Felisha Beverly for an introduction to Pranic Healing, a no-touch healing modality.

Hattiesburg IONS (Mississippi) Leader:

Chattanooga/North Georgia IONS discussed “The Essence of Reality: Perceiving Life’s Oneness.” Leader:

Knoxville (TN) IONS viewed Spirit Space – A Journey into Your Consciousness — showcasing Science and Spiritual pioneers of the 20th and 21st century who decided to follow their own paths that have led to discoveries about human existence. Leader:

East & MidAtlantic

Somerset IONS (Bridgewater, NJ) Leader: