SAND 2014: John Hagelin’s rabbit hole

johnhagelin There are few people who appeal to the left-brained consciousness geek I have become more than John Hagelin and Dean Radin — two heavily rooted scientists who are attempting to enlighten us. They spoke back-to-back on the opening morning of the 2014 Science and Non-Duality Conference.

Years back, when I started to become a curious mind about unexplained phenomena, I became somewhat enamored of Hagelin’s talents at articulating the science of consciousness with his comments in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?” Consistently dressed in a suit coat, with a vaguely Kevin Spacey-like polish in his way of speaking, Hagelin is the epitome of how not to be “hippy dippy” in the approach to one of his day jobs — president of the David Lynch Foundation for promoting the use of transcendental meditation.

And behind his work as a global proponent of peace — through the channel of meditation — is an impressive array of scientific expertise. His doctorate in physics came from Harvard, he conducted pioneering research at CERN (European center for particle physics), and he is responsible for the development of a Grand Unified Field Theory based on the superstring.

Hagelin, quoted in a book that accompanied “What the Bleep?” described it this way: “The very earliest experience, the beginning of the universe you could say, is when pure consciousness, the unified field seeing itself, creates within its essentially unified nature the threefold structure of observer, observed and process of observation.”

He went on to explain why he believes our evolution in understanding consciousness will effect a transformation. “The spillover effect of that individual enlightenment is going to change the surrounding society more powerfully than we might think. And that’s the peace research I alluded to briefly in the film, and there’s been more research since to show how powerful groups of individuals can be collectively meditating and stimulating the unifying field at the source of mind and matter, creating indomitable waves of peace and unity in the world.”

He established the Global Union of Scientists for Peace, to use education as a preventative mechanism to raise the collective consciousness and elevate human behavior, and to promote sustainable solutions in agriculture, energy, education, crime prevention. By utilizing knowledge about morphic fields and the collective power of coherent minds, and by implementing an enlightenment-based education system, he foresees an evolutionary shift in the way the world is governed.

Entanglement, Space-Time Wormholes and the Brain

IMG_3364At the SAND conference, Hagelin said that meditation is a way to lure our consciousness deeper, and that physiological science confirms that our state in meditation — a fourth state of consciousness — is different than it is in waking, sleeping, or dreaming. His talk focused on answering the question, “Is the human brain capable of accessing the unified field?”

With humor and his calm, articulate approach to science, he said the answer seems to be “yes” — and explained how that might be. He talked about neurons and microtubules in the brain, quantum gravity, the mathematical framework for expanding levels of the mind that correlate to quantum physics, gluon plasma, holographic duality of our 3-D world, and string theory.

He talked about the Susskind/Maldacena theory that entangled particles are connected by wormholes — the ‘rabbit hole’ of physics providing a physical link to enable instantaneous tunneling through space. And he said that our brains, which prefer to live in 3-D space, are likely able to traverse more deeply, using string theory.

Hagelin concluded with a comment that, while we have strong enough brain function to make us think that we are self-sustaining individuals in a 2-D and 3-D world, in actuality, our brains on meditation are quantum brains, capable of accessing the unified field. “We all are different perspectives within one indivisible wholeness.”

More to come on Dean Radin, and a panel of very interesting scientists who discussed what they are working on — and whether we are approaching a notable paradigm shift about consciousness in the next scientific revolution.

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  1. October 26, 2014 at 3:59 pm

    In the higher (outer) realms there are no words, just “Being”.
    Meditation has purpose correct? So when One is “there”, or “here”, they are simply “I AM”.
    …to “BE”…in resonance with ALL THAT IS…access to ALL Knowledge, Information, and Experience.
    in LOVE, with LOVE, as LOVE.
    Source experiencing Self.

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