Guidepost #3: Does the morphic field exist?

SuNekoschoolingfishThis is your space to respond to any questions or thoughts you have about the concepts raised in Guide #3… theorize about the existence of a morphic field of communicative resonance that enables species to learn from its past and adapt to its present structure… or comment on telepathy and seventh senses of animals and humans, or the controversies around Rupert Sheldrake’s theory.

All viewpoints are welcome… as long as you are respectful, reflect on the content and context of the discussion, and ideally have verifiable science at hand.

Some questions you might respond to include:

  •  Do you believe that we have an innate ability, currently largely untapped, to communicate and receive beyond our five senses?
  • Have you ever had a feeling of “knowing” who is calling you on the phone at an irregular time before you answer?
  • Have you ever been able to tell when you are being stared at from behind?
  • Have you ever had a pet that seemed to know when you were coming home, even when it is a time of day when you were not expected, as witnessed by someone else?
  • Why do you think animals feel natural catastrophes before we do?
  • Do you believe there is an infallibility to scientific method around the nature of consciousness?
  • Why do you think Rupert Sheldrake’s theories have been met by resistance by many in the scientific community? Do you see that changing?

Welcome to the discussion!

— Mikki Morrissette, founder, Connected in the Deep

Note: the Guidepost conversation that starts below is not password-protected, which means your responses are more public. If that matters to you, please use a pseudonym.

  1 comment for “Guidepost #3: Does the morphic field exist?

  1. James M. Hoy
    January 24, 2015 at 5:56 pm

    I have been a student/follower/reader of Rupert Sheldrake for years, attempting to correlate his work in consciousness with Quantum Physics, Biology, Botany, Morphic Resonance, and thus Cosmology. His You Tube lectures have also been particularly noteworthy/helpful for some study groups I have been in (for years) which have explored/discussed such mind-bending things.

    We’ve also spent much time with Sheldrake’s book publications. I find it puzzling, however, that so many individuals, interested in quantum physics, seem to shy away from consciousness study and thus the very heart of entanglement between the observer and observed, believing such study is drifting too strongly into or toward religion/spiritual traditions. Maybe they are simply trapped in our “western mindset. They thus can not, or wish not, to see any the correlation between science/quantum physics and mysticism. Jim Hoy

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